Chihuahua Poems
A Toast To The Chihuahua
Tucked away in his miniature body,
 All,  in the canine world, that's best;
He's "all dog" in the smallest package,
 Full of vigorous life and zest.

How he loves, with a love 'most human.'
 Never a woe that he does not share;
Never a tear, but he sheds tears with you,
 Faithfully following everywhere!

Giving the signal when danger approaches,
Standing his ground like a sentinel bold;
How his eyes shine with the fire of the ages,
 How his coat bristles with courage untold!

Plays like a kitten, when puppy or aged,
 Prime entertainer for owner or friend;
Easily trained, a superb little showman,
 Clowning his antics right on to the end.

Chico, Maquito, Mexita, or Nina,
 Don, Lorinel or Carlita Marie:
What's in a name?  All the Spanish tradition,
 Centuries old in the land of "Si, Si."

Coy little Mexican, cute, trim and tiny,
 Loyal companion, top-toy of the day;
Treasured by those who are lucky to own you-
 You will continue our breed-choice alway!

                                                 -R. E. K. -
Some Lines to the Chihuahua
He's very very tiny

But in his little frame

There's power and there's strength

That's a credit to his name.

He wasn't built for hunting,

He wasn't meant for work;

But if he has a duty,

He's not the one to shirk.

He has uncanny knowledge

Of the do's and dont's of man

And he makes the greastest effort

To please you if he can.

And it there's danger lurking,

He's fearless and he's bold;

And that's why the Chihuahua

Is worth his weight in gold.

                 - PEARLA O.
These two poems are from the First Edition "The Chihuahua" by Russell E. Kauffman