Clipping Your Chihuahuas Nails
Part of your Chihuahuas health and grooming includes :keeping his nails trimmed.
The key to cutting your puppies nails is to start early as possible and often as possible when
they are a puppy. Get your Chihuahua comfortable with seeing the clippers. Making your
Chihuahua think they are going to be rewarded shortly. The best way to introduce any type of
health-care routine to your Chihuahua is by making it fun for him. It will be easier to adapt to a
new routine if it is fun for them.  I use key words for every function or command I expect them
to follow. I say  " OK let's cut your nails", "OK let's cut your nails". Some owners find it
easiest to have their Veterinarian or groomer do this and cost $6.00-$12.00  However, trimming
or clipping your Chihuahuas nails is something that you can do yourself with a little effort if
started early and performed often to get them use to nail grooming.
To get started, you'll need to gather your supplies:These include a good sharp pair of
dog nail clippers that are an appropriate size for your Chihuahua,  a piece of cloth, paper towel
and a few Q-tips. Also handy is a jar of septic powder (just in case) that is sold at most pet
stores. Septic powder helps the blood to clot faster just in case you do cut the nail too short and
it bleeds.
There are two different colors of nails, white and black. White nails are much easier than
black nails to trim because the vein in the nail is more readily visible. On black nails, however,
it's hard to know where the vein is located. Why does this matter? Well, when clipping your
Chihuahuas nails, you don't want to cut the vein in his nail. For very long nails, cut a little bit off
the end every few days to help the vein recede. Now, just how long or short should your dog's
nails be? Well, if you hear your dog's nails clicking against the floor while he's walking, they're
likely too long. Ideally, the pads of the feet should be the only thing touching the floor when he
walks. Be sure to reassure your dog while trimming and reward him afterward with a treat and
lots of affection.